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Future Star of The Year

My experience in the Future Star Program was phenomenal and life-changing. The FSP Program helped develop my communication and leadership skills, and engage in problem solving. The FSP executive board was very supportive and encouraging throughout the entire span of the program. They helped me develop my confidence to speak up and express myself around a team in a professional government like setting. I am humbled to have had the opportunity to` work with my inspiring and hardworking cohorts I met throughout this program, and to work closely with FAPAC to promote Asian American civic and community engagement.

The Most Proficient Star of 2019-2020

Robert Sun

The Future Stars Program has offered a one-of-a-kind mentorship

opportunity that I have never experienced before. Before being

inaugurated to this program, I had never experienced a mentoring relationship firsthand before. Working with mentors experienced in federal vocations was eye-opening for me. My mentor helped provide insightful advice on internships, and certain soft skills in the workplace. It was the first time that I had a chance to receive some insider knowledge about the government. Additionally, the mentorship experience at FSP helped kick off my career journey and set my plans for the future in motion. As a high schooler that is starting to acclimate to the adult work-environment, working with a mentor provided me the rare opportunity to explore the inner-workings of a government agency, and learn insider knowledge on topics I had never considered to examine throughout my entire life.


The Future Stars Program developed my responsibility and professionalism in a creative and exciting way. I appreciate the FSP executive board’s immense trust and faith they placed in me and my cohorts to challenge ourselves by designing our own community project, and discovering our own potential and contributions that we can make to support our community, especially during the ongoing worldwide pandemic that took place during this program. My newfound independence and diversely adept cohorts I worked with throughout this program allowed me to develop a wealth of newfound knowledge, and dive deeper into subject areas in science, civics, humanities, and mathematics. I was able to engage in certain skills such as hosting webinars, writing professional statements, professional marketing, and interpersonal communication. This program was a fantastic outlet to experiment and challenge myself with new ideas and problems.  


Through my attendance in this program, I feel I have matured and grown strongly as a leader and in my character, and I am more prepared to face and tackle the problems we face in today’s world. My journey and memories formed through FSP will remain close to my daily life and will be used to make an impact and inspire others in our communities.

Allison is a rising senior at Winston Churchill High School in Potomac, Maryland. She is passionate about mental health and has written articles and produced videos advocating for increased mental health awareness for teens. She is the team lead of her team's community service project called Project Bridge, which aims to provide a safe space for teens to talk about mental health without shame or fear of judgment. Allison enjoys making films with friends and family in her free time. She is also an avid skater and has been on a synchronized skating team for 8 years.

The Most Proficient Star of 2021-2022

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Allison Fan

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