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What we do?



            Composed of three things, the future star program will prepare you for any environment in the future.

  1. Individual Mentoring:

FSP fellows will receive one-on-one mentoring with senior government employees (GS14 equivalent or above) in federal, state, or local government through mentorship. 

(Led by Mentoring Committee)


   2. Leadership Training:

Monthly seminars or workshops will be provided to FSP fellows to improve their leadership, communication, and other skill sets. 

(Led by Associate Director of Engagement)

1st month    Kick-off 

2nd month  What is Your Why? By OCA

3rd month  Career Exploration by Caroline Goon et al

4th month   Leadership Compass by OCA

5th month   Mindset4Results by Jason Woo

6th month   Effective communication by Daniel Lee

7th month   Financial Foundation by OCA

8th month   The Dangers of a Single Story by OCA

9th month   Dot Game by OCA

10th month AAPI Historical Timeline by OCA 

11th month  Social Identity Wheel by OCA

12th month Awards and ceremony


   3. Community Engagement:

A group project on community engagement will be implemented throughout the year and monthly updates and progress reports will be guided by the program. 

(Led by Associate Director of Operation)







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