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Why should you join?

            The FSP is a tuition-free program that offers high school AANHPI students pairing with senior government employees (GS14 equivalent or above) in federal, state or local government through mentorship. There will be monthly communication with a minimum of four face-to-face meetings in a year. Fellows are responsible for fulfilling all components of the FSP for successful completion of the program, which includes a community project with all the fellows in the same cohort. Both mentors and mentees should reserve a minimum of 12 hours of individual mentoring sessions. Optional workshops may be provided. The mentor will provide practical mentorship and career development advice for the AANHPI students and assist them in overcoming significant barriers to attain career development opportunities (e.g., internship, summer training camp) in competitive environments. The mentors will also demonstrate a typical public service environment to the students, and help the student set higher career goals. The FSP will conclude with a Certificate of Future Star from FAPAC after one year and the opportunity for competing for the FAPAC Future Star award presented in May AANHPI Heritage Month.

Topics covered include the following, but are not limited to:

  • How to find a government internship?

  • How to communicate effectively?

  • How to write & improve your CV?

  • How to stand out in an interview?

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